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Guido's Soapbox

The musings of one overwhelmed man about his family, friends, career and hobbies

11 July 1967
My name is Greg Williams - why I am called "Guido" by my friends is a long story, one that's only funny if you were there for the beginning of it.

I am the Husband of Cary, and the Father of Caetlin and Shannon.

People describe me as loud, outspoken, subtle as a chainsaw, and opinionated. I am not particularly tolerant of people who need to be emotionally coddled to survive. I can be very kind, and I can also be the most ruthless son of a bitch you ever met.

Most people decide within 5 minutes of meeting me whether they like me or not.
Half of them change their mind later.

I have done many different types of work in my life, including cop, investigator, collections agent, armored truck driver, salesman, network technician, and project manager.
My current job is a strange mixture of technical, sales, and management for a small consultancy in Chicago.

My current sporting obsession is motorcyclist; I'm always striving to be a better, safer one, and encouraging others to do the same.